Wine Barrel Carving by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wine Barrel Carving Process
Step Seven - Adding Dimension and Depth

Using a curved sweep chisel to round grapes on a carving.The curved sweep chisel, which I used to remove most of the background, is now turned over to carve the grapes in the design.  By carving with the curve down, the wood is slowly rounded to create each individual grape.  Because the grapes overlap each other, different layers must be created and each gently rounded back behind the one in front of it.

Due to the dowel pockets in a barrel head, the carving is fairly shallow, so this stage is important in creating a feeling of depth to the finished work.

Rasps are used to create grooves and even out carved areas.

Small rasps and files help to clean up some areas of the carving, smoothing areas where oak may have chipped during the carving.  I work with a set of eight small files, each with a different profile that allow me to reach and clean most areas of a carving.
Around the edges of the fruit and "Peaks Of Otter",  a combination of the V tool and files are used to create an under cut.  Removing a small amount of material at the very base of the design creates the illusion the carving sits above the wood.

Dental picks and scrapers are used to remove chips...


Finally, dental picks and scrapers help remove any remaining chips or splinters from the carving.    I use no sandpaper to clean any cut or edge preferring to leave the chisel marks visible so the work is obviously hand carved.   On this barrel head carving - sandpaper will be used...

Step Eight - Sandpaper ?



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