Wine Barrel Carving by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wine Barrel Carving Process
Step Eight - Sanding & Finishing...

Unfinished Barrel Head - Time for stain...The Peaks of Otter Label featured water-color mountains.  To create the sense of shading, I decided to use some of the barrel's original varnish to create the shadows on the peaks. 

To make certain the varnish would accept top coats of sealer, a light sanding was required to roughen the surface of the old finish.


Peaks of Otter Barrel Carving - stained and varnished.




Using various shades of wood stain and small brushes, I carefully "painted" the carving to create the desired look.  The tree line in front of the peaks was perhaps the most challenging.  In the finished carving, they appear to stand apart from the peaks.

The carving was requested to be finished for outdoor use.  To protect the wood, I first use a water seal product and coat both the inside and outside of the barrel head.  Next a spar urethane finish is applied.  Any water that gets through the top coat would be repelled by the water seal.  For outdoor use, a spar urethane coat is recommended at least once, preferably twice a year to keep the wood protected.

Finally small oak blocks are screwed inside the back and a plywood backing is inserted.  These are coated with water seal and urethane as well.  An oak board is cut with a 45 degree angle and screwed on to act as a cleat for hanging the barrel head on a wall.  The finished work is fairly heavy, but when properly screwed into wall studs it will hang with no problems.

See the finished work and learn more about Peaks of Otter Winery!

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