Wine Cask Carving

Buena Vista Carved Wine Cask

Buena Vista Carved Wine CaskAs you walk the path to Buena Vista's tasting room, you come across a wonderful wine cask carving in a small pavilion. 

Agoston Haraszthy is considered the "Father of Modern Viticulture in California" and was also the founder of Buena Vista. 



Unfortunately, the staff on duty that day could provide little information about the cask.  We contacted Buena Vista's office in hopes of learning the identity of the barrel carver.  The following response was provided:

"I would suspect the carved barrel has been somewhere on this property since the 1940s, maybe earlier.  A previous owner of the winery was a collector of "stuff" he thought was interesting.  You may have seen the 17th century Chinese cast bronze bell right outside the Tasting Room door or the religious statue just inside our historic cellars--both were his purchases.  The barrel has 1889 carved into it at the lower right side . . . maybe the year it was carved?  Our founder's name has been painted on the barrel and a carving of his family crest has been attached to the center, although I am certain it was carved independently and added at a much later date . . . maybe as recently as the mid-1990s.  That's about all I can tell you about the barrel."

 Unfortunately this artist's name has been lost to time.  It is worth a close look at the details of this wonderful work.  The carving styles between the barrel itself and the added crest are apparent, however the crest carver did an excellent job matching his work to the front of the barrel.

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