Wine Barrel Carving by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wine Barrel Carvers - Keeping The Art Alive

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While carving at shows, Tom is often approached by wood carvers who take an interest in barrel carving.  It is funny how many return the following year with the tale of carving the oak and deciding it was too difficult to finish the piece.  (Or vowing to never carve another!)  Oak is a hard wood to carve and there is a reason so few people will do this work by hand.  As Tom studied the art, he came across two artists on the internet who also specialize in wine barrel carvings.  We'd like to introduce them here in alphabetical order:

Peter Forbes - copyright Peter Forbes, used by permission

Peter Forbes was raised and educated in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. While attending the Vancouver School of Art (now known as the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design) Peter held his first gallery show of original work at the Grouse Mountain gallery over-looking Vancouver. The show was a resounding success with the international clientele.

Following graduation, Peter pursued a variety of jobs as well as doing numerous commissioned works. In 1984 he took a year off to sail from Vancouver to the South Pacific. It was while sailing the high seas that he first picked up carving tools and experimented in wood and other three-dimensional works.

Peter soon gravitated to the specialty signage industry where for the next fifteen years he produced a legacy of work that fills the storefronts and lobbies of many local businesses. As well, his signage work has reached as far as Europe, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and the United States

By blending his creative side with the commercial aspects of his signage background Peter has been inspired to establish himself with a unique style of artwork on recycled oak barrels.

To see Peter's work, please visit:

Al Williams - copyright AW Shadows - used by permissionAl Williams began woodcarving about the same time he started his professional career in in graphic design over twenty five years ago.   "I kept coming back to wood as a material that felt real and honest to me.  When I realized it was shapeable and moldable, I remember being fascinated with the idea.  Another strong motivating force is a need to use my talents to create something lasting much longer than I will."

The wine barrel head has become a perfect medium for his work.  Although oak is not the most compatible wood to carve, a handcrafted wine barrel compliments the handcarving while the circular design of the head with it's metal hoop creates a ready-made frame.

Nothing manmade can even come close to wood's enduring qualities.  It's warmth and durability make it a pleasure to work with and it's many unpredictable personalities are what makes the challenge worthwhile.

To see Al's work, please visit:

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