Wine Cask Carving

Schug Carneros Estate Carved Wine Cask

Carved Wine Cask from Schug Carneros Estate WineryThis interesting carving is located at the Schug Carneros Estate Winery in Sonoma, Ca.   founded by Walter Schug, a German immigrant and third generation vintner.  Mr. Schug had started making wine at his family's estate of Staatsweingut Assmannshausen in Germany.  This photo was sent to us by Tim & Barbara Rogers of New Hampshire.  (Photo Copyright Tim & Barbara Rogers - used here by permission. )  To obtain more information on the carving, I contacted the winery and Mr. Schug himself was kind enough to respond with the following information:

Dear Tom,
Our cask was built by Rieger Behaelterbau in Ingersheim, Germany. The independent carver was Peter Mohl, who has done a lot of work for this company and others.
Because of my German background I imported a lot of casks, besides barrels, first for the Joseph Phelps Winery, for which I was their founding winemaker. Later colleagues wanted them also and I passed their requests on. For my own brand, started in 1980 I ordered my cask in 1981 and it arrived carved as a surprise. Now we have a total of 30, but only one carved.
It holds 2634 ltr or 696gl and is made of German white oak. The cooper was the Rieger Company whose owner Mr. Rieger asked Peter Mohl to carve it to celebrate the start of the Schug brand.
The theme is: on the left the town of Mundelsheim on the Neckar river and the Mundelsheim town seal, the birth place of Mr. Rieger, and on the right castleSchug Barrel - Walter Schug Rheinstein opposite the town of Assmannshausen on the Rhein river and the
 Assmannshausen town seal, the birth place of Walter Schug.
The inscription above translates into:
"Whether the wine comes from the Neckar (river area) the Moselle (river area) or the Rhine (river area) just like the grape produces it pure (distinctive) it shall be".
Amazing how Mr. Rieger guessed our goals.
Best regards,
Walter Schug
Schug Carneros Estate Winery


A few days later, this photo of Walter Schug and his barrel was e-mailed to me.  I appreciate Mr. Schug's help with the documentation of his carving!

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