Hand Carved Wood Signs by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Why a Hand Carved Sign?

At this time we are not offering hand carved signs.

Signs are everywhere, wood signs, plastic signs, foam signs, neon signs, canvas signs and even paper signs.
Each sign represents something, and says something about what it represents.
What do you want your sign to say about you?

I had to laugh... a sign company website stated:
"For a truly authentic look, sand blasted and carved signs are the best option."

What about a real hand carved sign?  It is authentic!

Hand carved wood signs provide a strong first impression.
Hand carved signs add a sense of dignity, style and quality to everything they represent.
Hand carved wood signs are inviting, visually appealing and offer warmth

that can not be matched by plastic or foam.

Master woodcarvers have created beautiful works of art for centuries using only basic tools: chisels, gouges and a wooden mallet.  Their hand craftsmanship has stood the test of time - and your sign should too.  Nowhere is the German folk art of woodcarving more apparent than in signage and Tom strives to bring that same quality of craftsmanship to your hand carved sign.

You are not limited to any one style with a hand carved wood sign.  The artist can duplicate your design while adding a unique human flair or combine imaginations with you to create the sign of your dreams in wood.   Each carved sign that emerges from Tom's workshop is as individual as the person, home or business it represents.

No other investment says as much about you - so do yourself a favor...
invest in the quality of a custom hand carved sign.

Visit Tom's Custom Hand Carved Signs Commission Page and start the process now!

Visit Tom's Hand Carved Signs Gallery #1
Hand Carved Signs Gallery #2 to see more of his work!

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