Hand Carved Faceless Angels Folk Art by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Faceless Angels Folk Art

Because we don't always recognize an angel when they enter our lives...

Faceless Angel Folk Art - Hand carved

Hand Carved Faceless Angel Folk Art


Tom became fascinated with carving folk art angels during the spring of 2004.  The faceless angels showcased here were carved during that period.  Hand carved from solid basswood, Tom's faceless angels are completely carved figures, front and back.  These one-of-a-kind folk art treasures are in stock and ready to  fly to you as fast as they can when you order on-line.   

Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl

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Hand carved faceless angel



Angel on Alert

Dressed in a soft white shimmering  gown, tied by a midnight blue sash and sporting wings of champagne white gold,  this faceless angel hovers stands alert upon a chestnut base salvaged from an old barn in Carroll County, Maryland. 

Angel on Alert stands approximately 9" tall from the bottom of the base to the top of her head. 

Angel On Alert - $80.00    Sold



Faceless Angel Carving by Crafty Owl


Angel In Prayer

This cute folk art angel is praying to protect those she watches.  A midnight blue dress hangs beneath the antique white robe to create a unique visual contrast.  The champagne white gold wings glisten slightly as the graceful arcs sweep up her sides.  Perched on a piece of antique Chestnut barn wood, this is a wonderful work of folk art you will be proud to display.

Angel In Prayer stands just about 8" tall including the base.    All of Tom's Faceless Angels are carved in the round.


Angel In Prayer - $80.00  Sold


Faceless Angel Folkart



Ready For Flight

This cute angel glows in a white robe, her soft antique white wings point to the heavens.  She is preparing to headout and spread love to the people of the world. 

Roughly 7" tall,   she is carved from a 2.5" x 2" block of basswood.  A lot of character to this original one of a kind work of hand carved folk art! 



Ready For Flight - $75.00 Sold


Room For All!

Resplendent in her white robe with blue sash, a hint of mauve under garment peaking from beneath - this faceless angel is spreading her wings inviting all seek shelter with God.  Her love is obvious and she will share the spirit with you every time you gaze in her direction.

This wonderful folk art angel stands just under 9" tall including her Chestnut base which has gorgeous highlights of red against the gray weathered barnwood!   Her wingspan is an impressive 7.25", creating a very visual display that will draw all eyes her way.


Room For All! - $90.00   Sold

Faceless Angel Folk Art


Taking Flight. . .

Taking Flight. . .  stands approximately 7.75" tall from the bottom of her Chestnut base to the tip of her raised hand. 

Poor girl, the camera added 10 lbs - She is actually quite petite.  Must have been the angle of the angel.  Her mauve robe and antique white wings have a beautiful patina thanks to the aging technique Tom applies. 

She will make a wonderful addition to any angel or folk art collection.

Taking Flight... - $70.00  Sold

Hand Carved Faceless Angel



Heart Winged Angel

Standing approximately 8.5" tall from the bottom of the old chestnut barn wood base, the wings of this angel have the shape of a heart when viewed from the front.  Her robes of goose gray, allow the muted metallic red heart to stand out boldly.  The soft antiqued white wings create the perfect frame for this beautiful little angel.

An aura of love surrounds her!



Heart Winged Angel - $80.00   Sold


Shimmering Angel hand carved folk art


Shimmering Angel


This tall angel features a beautiful muted metallic red robe that glistens and shimmers in low light.  The muted metallic blue sash ties around her waist and her golden hair is framed by her antique white wings.

She rests upon a base of old chestnut barn wood.  It's rustic appeal creates an interesting contrast. 

Just over 10.5" tall, this folk art carving is certain to draw attention and love from those around her.




Shimmering Faceless Angel- $85.00   Sold


Wooden Christmas Ornament - Carved Faceless Angel

Faceless Angel Christmas Ornament

Standing a mere 3.5" from tip of wing to base of robe, this tiny little angel has a solid brass screw eye so she can be hung on your Christmas Tree.  Her white robe and antique white wings, along with her hand carved style will make her the perfect old world Christmas ornament and a treasured keepsake.

Faceless Angel Ornament A - $18.95 - SOLD

Don't see the Faceless Angel you want?  Contact Tom and have him hand carve a custom Angel for you!

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