Wooden kitchen utensils - quality hand carved wooden spoons, wood spatulas and kitchen accessories by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Wooden Spoons, Wood Spatulas, Pastry Pins,
Mortar and Pestles, Salad Hands and Spreaders

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wooden spoons, scoops, spatulas and wooden kitchen utensils.Tom hand carves quality wooden kitchen utensils, wooden spoons and other wooden kitchen accessories.  A Wooden spoon is one of the most useful tools in any kitchen.  

Most kitchen stores carry cheap wooden imports that are massed produced overseas.  Tom realized decent wooden spoons, the type his grandmother used, were no longer widely available.

Since good food and good wine go together, when we started doing wine festivals, we figured many wine lovers share a love of cooking.  For that reason, Tom developed our Gourmet Ware line of hand carved wooden spoons, wood spatulas and wooden kitchen utensils.

Gourmet Ware wooden kitchen utensils are all hand crafted - one at a time.  Each utensil takes on its own characteristics based on the wood from which it emerges.  When you use one of Tom's handcrafted kitchen utensils - you can feel the quality of a one-of-a-kind hand made work.  The utensils are solid wood and created for heavy duty use.  A thick handle allows for an easy grasp and insures your wooden mixing spoon will hold up to the job!

Our Gourmet Ware Wooden Kitchen Utensils include:

How to care for your wooden kitchen utensils, wood spoons and wood bowls.

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An interesting collection of old wooden spoons!

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