Wine Barrel Carvings by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wine Art Carvings - A Tribute to Earle Brown

Hand carved door by the late Earle Brown.As you approach the Sebastiani Winery, one of the first things you notice are a series of doors hand carved by Earle.  As mentioned in the Winery's press materials - all of Mr. Brown's figures are smiling!

Carved door leading to tank room.The door to the left is one that many visitors do not get a chance to see.  It is in a private area of the winery.


Hand Carved Beam at Sebastiani WineryEven ceiling beams have been carved!  The close-up photo to the right shows details on a beam inside the winery.


Hand Carved Door Top at Sebastiani Winery.



Hand carved Vintner's Calendar by the late Earle Brown.



Above, the arch to an old doorway.

Right, carvings depict the Vintner's Calendar and hang on a giant wine vat.  This vat's sister is at the Heidelberg Castle in Germany.

Below, perhaps one of Earle's most impressive carvings and it wasn't even on a wine barrel.  The carving features Sylvia Sebastiani in her kitchen.  Notice the layering and shadows in this work of art!

Door Carving of Sylvia Sebastiani.






These photographs are copyright of Tom & Dierdre Crowl.  Images used here with permission of the Sebastiani Winery.


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