Wine Barrel Carvings by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Carved Wine Casks - A Tribute to Earle Brown


Carved Oval Wine Cask

Oval wine casks offer a unique difference to the layout of a barrel carving.  The following pictures show just a few of Mr. Brown's designs.

This wine cask features the saying:

"Back of this wine is the Vintner and his years of skill.  And back of it all are the Vines, the Sun, the Rain and the Master's Will."

The lettering itself had to be extremely time consuming on this work!

Another carved wine cask from Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma, CA.

Border carving on Sebastiani Wine CaskThis wine cask, as well as some others, featured decoratively carved sides.  You'll notice that much of Earle's work featured grapes - and the way he worked them, the leaves and the vines to create different scenes is a study in itself.

As you will see in the next page, he also carved doors, plaques and beams for the Sonoma Winery.


These photographs are copyright of Tom & Dierdre Crowl.  Images used here with permission of the Sebastiani Winery.

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