Hand carved folk art, functional wood art, wine barrel carvings, wine cellar signs, pub signs, hand carved santa folk art, wood goblets, wooden kitchen utensils and other custom carved folk art by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

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Comedy Entertainers create memorable corporate events by taking a company's message or vision and combining it with personalized or customized material that keeps their guests engaged at Awards Banquets, Conventions, Conferences and Sales Meetings!  Tom is lucky enough to be able to make people laugh at corporate events throughout the United States!

Baltimore Corporate Entertainer     - Holding a corporate event in Baltimore?  Tom's Baltimore Corporate Entertainer page is now active on his performance web site!

11/29/2010 - 2010 Santa Carvings are on-line.  There will be a very limited number this year.  Please check back as Tom will try to have at least two new Santa carvings each week through December.

We have also placed some Hand Carved Wooden Spoons on the site.  They make great gifts!

11/20/2009 - More Santa Carvings Are On-Line!

11/18/2009 - New Santa Wine Bottle Stoppers!

11/09/2009 - SANTA  IS  HERE!

Our 2009 Santa carvings are now on line.  We have a big list of e-mail addresses that wanted the update - so I am not certain how long they will remain there.  During the next month, I will be focused on holiday carvings - so check out Santa Carvings pages and consider signing up to get notified when the pages are updated!

11/08/2009 - It's Been Too Long!

My serious apologies folks.  I have been extremely busy with shows and family - there was very little time to carve in 2009.  I have decided to cut back on my wood turning and concentrate on what I love - carving my folk art figures.  In the next few days, you will find the site being updated.   Today, I have updated my Faceless Angels Folk Art.  These will be the last angels until sometime in 2010.  Tomorrow the Santa carvings start to go on-line!

2/27/2009 - EXACTLY ONE YEAR since we last updated the updates.  So what is going on?

Well, this site and business is virtually a one person operation at this point.  Dierdre is being pulled by her job and life, so I am left to handle what I can.  If you are not familiar with my lifestyle - I am a professional artist - and currently, my performance side has taken off.  I do corporate entertainment, perform at resorts, and have a mixture of other fun thrown in.  Because I spent time traveling for the show, it had pulled me away from my carving studio and things really backed up.  I've stopped taking custom orders because I can't guarantee when they will be finished.  I am hoping that March will allow me to start re-stocking the web site.  I am currently working on faceless angels.  Please check back and I promise that I will do my best to create!

Thanks, Tom

2/27/2008 - Wow - what a year so far.  Tom has been extremely busy.  Custom orders are on hold - he is not currently accepting them until we can finish what is on his desk and get the web site updated.  In addition to all that, his schedule is pulling him to Cancun, Mexico in March - and no, it isn't a vacation - although he could use one!

Just updated some wooden spoons.  We have Cherry Wood Spoons, and some Primitive Wooden Spoons on the site.  Maple spoons are finished as well - but won't be up for another week.  We also have some bottle stopper racks in stock and ready to go.  Keep checking back!


12/6/2007 - Just updated our Santa Carvings.  We were able to add nine new pieces - you can see our available Santa carvings here and on our Pencil Santa Carvings pages.  Don't forget to check our other Santa Carving offerings to find the perfect Santa for your collection.

We will have 12 wine barrel stave bottle stopper display racks by the 17th.  We don't usually use the narrow staves, but demand has been so high - we have decided to go ahead.  These are VERY narrow racks - they still hold a standard size cork stopper.  Once these 12 are gone, there will be no more until late spring, early summer. 

We've updated our Wooden Bottle Stoppers and our hand carved Santa Bottle Stoppers - all are in stock and ready to ship for holiday gift giving!  We expect to add nine new Santa carvings to our site Thursday - a day earlier than expected. 

11/30/2007 - We've added new Cherry Wood Spoons, New Maple Wooden Spoons and more vintage wooden spool ornaments.  Santas are being carved and will be added next week as they are finished.  We're trying to ship daily - and will get your orders out as fast as possible for holiday gift giving.

11/12/07 - New Santa Carvings are now on-line!  We have placed every carved Santa in stock on the website.  There are even a selection of Pencil Santas.  More Santa carvings will be added as time permits all the way up until Christmas - but order early to insure you have the best selection!  Tom has also placed his remaining Faceless Angel Folk Art Wood Carvings on the site.  These usually sell fast - so check them out a.s.a.p.!  Thanks!

11/11/07 - Changes are coming!  New Santa carvings,  Santa bottle stoppers, wine bottle stoppers and wooden spoons will soon be on-line.  Due to the amount of commission work Tom has received over the past year - he has had little time to create his own pieces.  In 2008 he will be cutting back on commissions.  During 2008 - he will only carve 6 commissioned wine barrel heads.  If you have thought about getting one - e-mail him to find out how you can get on the list.  After those six heads have been reserved - it will be 2009 before he promises any more!   We will also be doing away with custom goblet turnings - soon to be offering only in-stock items.  (We will still offer custom wedding goblets.)  Gourmetware will also be scaled back.  Keep your eyes here for details - and thank you for making Crafty Owl a success!

4/21/07 - Commission pieces have kept Tom from creating new stock - but things are starting to get under control.  Expect some updates on this site by the middle of May! 

2/3/07 - Cherry Wooden Spoons and Maple Wooden Spoons are back on line!  We have one walnut spoon that will be added soon.  Over the next month Tom has several custom carved signs due and several commissioned barrels heads are in the works.  We will try to add our remaining Santa carvings and some new bottle stoppers as time permits.  Rest assured that orders usually go out within 24-48 hours for stock items and our current turn-around on signs, wooden goblets and other items is within 6 - 8 weeks. 

2/1/07 - Still trying to catch up from the holidays and keep on top of orders coming in.  The light is at the end of the tunnel - but when Tom starts on the taxes production will slow down again.  (And since he didn't keep up with things last year - he has a lot to enter into the computer...)

New wooden spoons went on line today - and more will follow in the next couple of days.  We have decided to drop most of our shows in 2007.  This is due to the increase in business of this website - and we appreciate your support!   Keep checking back - and if you want something you don't see, let us know!

Our Wine Barrel Stave Bottle Stopper Display Racks are back!  We've got a limited number of five & six stopper racks!  More will be made in the spring when it warms up enough to get Tom outside breaking apart barrels!

1/6/07 - Happy New Year... The holiday season was truly incredible.  We are still trying to catch up.  Apologies as website stock is low right now - keep in mind, Tom makes everything we sell - we can't just place an order!  Between his commission work, which is constantly increasing, he will be making stock for the site.  If you want something special - don't delay your order.  With our current shop schedule, there is no time for rush items!  GOOD NEWS - the wine barrel stave bottle stopper racks should be ready by the end of January.  We've got the staves, now if he can get the time to produce them.   We've got a long list of names to contact - but just in case, please check back around Feb. 1 if you've been waiting!   Thanks again for making 2006 a great year - we look forward to serving you in 2007!

11/13/06 - Santa carvings have been added!  (And we are not done!)  We've added to our In-stock carved Santa page #1 and our hand carved Pencil Santa page #4.  More are coming - it takes time.  Tonight we will try to add some faceless angels and by tomorrow evening, we'll have even more updates and product on-line.

11/5/06 - Wooden goblets and Santa carvings, angel carvings, wooden spoons, wooden goblets, wine bottle stoppers and Christmas ornaments will soon start being posted!   It takes time to photograph, write descriptions, create the web pages, optimize them and upload to the web - so please bear with us starting Nov. 13 - as we start adding.  Collectors may want to check back daily starting Monday (11/13) evening  to see what is new!  And if you are in the Maryland area, come see us at the Mistletoe Mart for the best selection!

10/30/06 - We've finally added more wooden spoons to our Cherry Wood Spoons page.  We've also gotten three Wooden Tasting Spoons on-line, the perfect gift for the chef in your life.  More Maple and Walnut spoons will be on-line in mid-November.    Another item people have been asking about are our Wine Bottle Stopper display stands.  While we still do not have barrel staves, we do have a new solid oak Wine Bottle Stopper display rack - so check it out!

Tom is busy with custom orders and trying to carve as many primitive Santa figures as possible.  After our show at Mistletoe Mart (Nov.  9 - 11) he will be placing all of our remaining show stock on-line.  Please keep checking back!

10/26/06 - Sorry for the delays - we've been extremely busy.  Tom just put up three wooden Tasting Spoons.  We will be adding more Cherry Wooden Spoons soon.  His hand carved Santas will be updated in early November and following our last show, all remaining stock will be placed on line.

8/18/06 - Open again!  We apologize for any delays as we get caught up on the vast amounts of e-mails and orders that were waiting for Tom's return. 

Check out Tom's Latest Projects from the past few months! 

6/30/06 - We are officially closing between June 30 - August 10 for travel.  No, not a vacation - it is business.  For this reason, any orders will not be filled until we return.  You can still place orders - they just won't be filled until August 10 - and then on a first ordered basis.  Custom jobs will require six to eight weeks from our return.  E-mails will be answered when possible - however we will have sporadic internet service.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  We appreciate your patience during this time.

6/11/06 - We had a great couple of shows - Wine In The Woods was up from last year and Art In The Park was extremely successful.  It was great seeing so many familiar faces!  Tom is currently working on his final custom orders before he goes on tour this summer with his comedy magic show.  We will not be accepting any custom orders for delivery before end of August - mid-Sept.  If you'd like to get on his schedule for the next open spot please e-mail.  This may be our last site update before August - but feel free to e-mail or call with questions.  If we can help, we will!

4/22/06 - Things have been pretty busy here lately.  In addition to custom orders and getting ready for upcoming shows, the Crowl household has been raising funds for 12 year old Cameron who was selected to travel with the People to People Student Ambassador program to Australia for 19 days this summer.  So far, half of the almost $6,000 tuition has been raised and Cameron has been busy working on the balance.  (Along with some help from Mom & Dad.)

We can now tell you that Tom was selected as one of Early American Life Magazine's 2006 Traditional American Craftsmen.  The directory has just been published.  You can find Early American Life magazine on the internet by clicking the banner posted on our home page.

4/4/06 - Did you know that Tom has licensed some of his Santa Carvings?  You'll find resin reproductions available in gift stores this coming season - but you can purchase originals right here on our site!   Tom's Wineries Unlimited Show has also added a number of commission wine barrel carvings to his schedule.  2005 was a great year and 2006 is turning out even better.   With shows coming up and custom orders, it has been pretty busy - but keep checking back - we'll have some surprises coming soon!

3/25/06 - We did some updates and didn't make notes here because its been so busy.  Today, Tom added more Carved Santa Wine Bottle Stoppers.  He will also replace some of his Turned Wood Wine Bottle Stoppers which have been sold.  A couple of days ago, Tom added a new wine barrel carving which is available for sale.

We apologize we are still out of wine bottle stopper display racks, our usual barrel source did not have any barrels off the line when expected - but we hope to have them in soon.

3/20/06 - Wow!  The Wineries Unlimited trade show was an incredible success - and there is some great news coming, but we can't reveal it here just yet.  Tom currently has sign commissions, barrel commissions and income taxes to do.  (Not in that order!)  He's also been carving Santas late at night so we will have a selection for our first craft show in May.  Hopefully he can get some extras done to replenish the website.  I have a feeling when the news comes out he's going to get awfully busy!

3/5/06 - Busy as usual.  Tom's gotten some custom orders that just came through - one of which is a high priority job which is very cool!  He's also getting work finished on some commissioned barrel heads, as well as preparing some to take with him to Wineries Unlimited. 

New for the site - our Carved Signs Commissions page has been updated and changed.  Tom tends to get caught up in the ideas presented to him for possible carvings - usually signs.  So he'll get on the computer and start creating discussed designs.  Some sign requests are legitimate, but unfortunately with the Internet - some are not.  He's lost numerous hours creating designs only to see the contact disappear when it is time to pay a deposit so carving may begin. 

Now, we are requiring a $100 design fee before he will do any design work.  If you are serious about ordering a hand carved work - paying the fee proves it and Tom will go out of his way to make your design happen.  What if you want to know pricing first?  The Carved Signs Commissions page includes Tom's basic guide for sign pricing.  You can still e-mail your details for a quote - but no design work will begin until the design fee is paid.  We apologize to those of you who are legitimate and know you understand.

2/23/06 -  Our latest addition is a link to a movie about the cooperage process.  You'll find it on our cooperage page.  How a wine barrel is made is a fascinating process.  Once you see, the movie, check out Tom's Wine Barrel Carving Gallery or even order a custom carved wine barrel head

Tom is getting ready to head to the Wineries Unlimited Show where he will be displaying his carvings directly to East Coast Wineries at one of their major trade shows.  He's been finishing barrel heads and staves to show and sell there.  Along with his custom orders, it has left little time to carve stock for the website.  Don't see something you want?  E-mail us for a custom order!

2/10/06 - We've been making minor changes the last couple of weeks, adding some link partners here and there.  Tom just finished some Cherry Wooden Spoons which have been added to the site.  Also keep your eyes open for some Santa Wine Bottle Stoppers to come in the next week or so.  Tom has been busy finishing some barrel carvings for the Wineries Unlimited Show.  Between that, custom orders and re-stocking the show booth - he's been a busy boy.  He's trying though!  - Oh, and we've also added another show!

1/30/06 - Our  2006 Show Schedule has also been updated.  Check to see where we will be...

1/26/06 - Tom has finally finished some of his wooden spool Christmas ornaments.  These little carved Santas hand carved from vintage wood spools were a huge hit at our shows last year.  He would get some done and they would be gone before we could get them on line.  We've managed to get ten on-line - two different pages for easier load times.  Check them out and if you like them, order early!

1/25/06 - Wow, can't believe that January is almost gone!  Tom has been pretty busy working on a bit of everything - stock for the website, stock for our booth and custom orders.  He creates so many different items that when we get as low as we did on inventory - it takes time to catch up!

This update includes wooden spoons!  Tom has Cherry Wooden Spoons, Maple Wooden Spoons, featuring both Birdesye Maple and Curly Maple, and Primitive Wooden Spoons.  We've also added a few more bottle stoppers to replace ones that have been sold.  In the next few weeks he will be posting carved Santa bottle stoppers, turned bottle stoppers and finally some of his Wooden Spool ornaments!  Keep checking back!

1/4/06 - 2005 was an incredible year for us.  We nearly sold out of both our website and show stock - so now it is time to start fresh!  Tom is busy carving and turning, but since everything we sell is handcrafted by him - it will take time.  In addition to stock items, Tom is busy with custom orders too.  Your patience is appreciated as he will answer e-mails as time permits.

If you purchase a stock item, it will ship within 48 hours of receipt of payment.  We thank all of our customers for supporting us in 2005 and look forward to making even more friends in 2006!

Our  2006 Show Schedule has also been updated.  Check to see where we will be...

12/23/05 - We will be closed until January 3rd to celebrate the holidays and take a much needed rest.  Our sincere thanks to all who made 2005 a success for us - and please check back - we plan on making some exciting changes in 2006!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stay safe! - Tom & Dierdre

12/13/05 - After a weekend of carving almost non-stop, Tom has almost finished the Christmas Custom Orders!  There is still a bit of work to do - finish carving and finishing - but it looks like everything is on track for shipments.  As for the website - rest assured that when you order, we will do everything in our power to get your items in the mail within 24 hours!  In most cases, even the personalized items - Wizard Wands and  Reindeer Whistles meet that deadline too!  We appreciate your business!

12/10/05 - Busy Busy Busy!  Boxes have been flying out of here - thank goodness for internet postage!  We've saved so much time - last year we had to wait in line daily at the post office!!!  Reindeer Whistles have been extremely popular this year and Tom ran low - but he has been working nights to make more!  They are ready and waiting for him to engrave the name of your favorite boys and girls - a great holiday tradition for the kids!  Our hand carved Santas have also been popular.  Some of Tom's Santas are now part of a collection in New Zealand too! 

We'd like to thank everyone who has made this a wonderful holiday season - and promise everyone who orders from us - we will fill and ship all stock orders within two days (usually the same day) and get all personalized items - wizard wands and Reindeer Whistles - engraved and shipped within two - three days.  PayPal is quick, easy and secure for ordering on-line.  We can also take your credit card orders by phone at (410)876-6771.  We hope to be of service and extend our best wishes for a happy, safe holiday season!

Plus : FREE Priority Mail Shipping on all orders over $50
When You Order On-Line Using PayPal - Now until Christmas!!!

12/01/05 - So busy we can hardly think straight!  Put up our remaining stock of wooden goblets today.   (night...)  You'll find our Wooden Goblets Catalog Pages One, Two and Three filled with in stock, ready to ship wooden goblets that make the perfect gift for someone who is difficult to buy for!   Will be making more updates as time permits.  You are important to us - so if you have any problems with the site - please call!

11/22/05 - We've finally gotten our show stock of Carved Santa Wine Bottle Stoppers on-line.  These look great in a Wine Barrel Stave Bottle Stopper Display Rack!  Please note we will be closing 11/23 about 3:00 p.m. EST and will not re-open until Monday Nov. 28th. 

11/21/05 - We've put some of our Small Carved Santas on-line.  These little carved Santas make great tiny figurines, or can have screw eyes added to become ornaments.  You can even have them made into wine bottle stoppers!  Of course, we will be adding some of our carved Santa wine bottle stoppers very soon.

11/17/05 - Our last update was actually the 15th but I didn't have time to update this page!  So What's New?  We've put all our Pencil Santas on one page.  These are in stock and ready to ship!  Pencil Santas are thin, tall Santas and Tom has carved some really nice ones with plenty of personality this year.

We've also put on our  Wooden Christmas Ornaments page.  From here you can find Carved Santa Christmas Ornaments, Carved Snowman Wooden Ornaments and Carved Wood Spool Christmas Ornaments.  The Spool page is under construction because they were very popular at our shows this year.  Tom will be carving more this week so look for that early next week. 

Remember - all work is hand carved by Tom.  We don't mass produce anything.  If you are looking for a custom handcrafted gift, plan early so we can have it to you by Christmas!

11/14/05 - Well, we've got another Carved Santa update - but we still have some more to do.  We are working as quickly as possible.  There may be more this evening!

11/13/05 - Mistletoe Mart was an excellent show!  Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us.  This was our BEST show of the year - making it an excellent one to go out on!  If you missed the show - you should put it on your schedule for next year!

Today I started putting up our show stock - and began with our carved Santas.  This will take a couple of days - but we hope to have all of our Santa carvings on-line by Monday night - Tuesday at the latest.  Following that we will put on our remaining wooden goblets, wooden spoons and the christmas ornaments Tom carved. 

There will be no more shows for us in 2005 - meaning we can concentrate on our Internet customers - we hope you will give us the chance to serve you!

11/03/05 - We are tweaking the website in preparation for the holidays.  If you notice any problems please let us know - and thanks for stopping by! 

P.S. - Huge update will take place after our last show of the season.  See the site grow Nov. 14 - 18.

11/01/05 - We are currently preparing for our last two shows of the holiday season.  Following these we will be able to concentrate on custom orders and our website.  Due to some bad weather at our last show, sales were down and so restocking our show booth has not demanded as much time as usual.  As a result, Tom is actually ahead on his schedule and we will soon be lowering the turn around on website orders.  After our last show, the remaining stock of carved Santas will be placed on the site along with some extra surprises.

What else have we done?  Check our Previous Updates Page!

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