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10/22/05 - Wood Wine Bottle Stoppers are now on-line!  We've taken a limited number of Tom's hand turned wood wine bottle stoppers and placed them on two pages - each filled with hand crafted wooden bottle stoppers!  Made from scraps of exotic and domestic woods used in the creation of our other products, at $12.95 each they come poly-bagged with a header that identifies the woods.  At this price, they not only make a great gift, but they are so pretty you'll want to keep a few around for yourself!   And don't forget to look at our wine bottle stopper racks!  A great way to display these little works of wine art!

10/18/05 - First - we are starting to go through our link pages and remove some dead weight!  We've found sites that partnered with us - and then removed us from their sites.  There are two reasons for this - the first being a simple mistake - the second being an outright attempt to raise their site status by messing with another's site.  We don't play that game.  If we checked your site for our link and it wasn't there - you've been removed.  If you have moved the link - you will need to e-mail us about the situation.  This process will continue for a few days as we have a lot of link partners - and we appreciate those who are!

10/16/05 - We've changed our home page to highlight our biggest season seller - Tom's hand carved Santas.  Right now, Tom has a fairly good number of Santas on the site.  As we are limiting the number of shows this winter - the third week of November will see our remaining stock added on-line and Tom will be able to concentrate on our Internet customers.  Remember to plan early for custom orders - and please keep checking back for more hand carved originals!

10/10/05 - Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. this past weekend.  We had a great (although wet) time!  This update includes a new hand carved Santa scene known as Reindeer Training.  I've also included another wine barrel stave product that is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who enjoys wine.  More will be coming - but first Tom has to catch up on custom orders and show stock.  BTW - If you are planning on a custom carving for a gift - plan early!

10/02/05 - Wow! We've been pretty busy.   One of our biggest shows is coming up and Tom has been carving Santas, Santa wine bottle stoppers and carved Santa ornaments.  We had also promised a gallery we'd be getting some work to them and so wood chips are flying and new Santa carvings are emerging.  This in addition to custom orders for carved signs and wooden goblets.  Tom also plans on getting some of our turned wine bottle stoppers on line.  Each is a one of a kind, so we felt this would ease the confusion over our current ordering process on that item.   Keep checking back - and if you are planning to order a custom carving for a holiday gift - please make sure you plan early so we can devote the proper time to creating the perfect gift.   Thanks!

9/11/05 - We are leaving on business again, meaning we will be closed from 9/12 - 9/20.  Orders will be filled on a first come basis - and items shipped when we return.  E-mails will also be answered at that time.  We appreciate your patience.  (Questions on ordering? - See our order page!

8/30/05 - I believe we have corrected the PayPal problem.  (Although the View Cart buttons still seem to add an item - which can easily be corrected in the cart's window. ) If you encounter a problem with our shopping cart - please let us know which item the problem occurs with.  Thanks and our sincere apologies to everyone who experienced the difficulties.


We've been getting numerous complaints that our PayPal Shopping Cart wasn't working.  I contacted PayPal and they checked the site, saying that our codes were correct and the problem must be cookies on the customer's computer.  Still, the problem kept happening - so, I did some checking.

It seems FrontPage took the liberty of adding some code to our shopping cart on select items - granted, a lot of select items - as in most of the site - but not all!  We are going through and correcting these problems and hand checking every button.  We aren't there yet - but we should be soon.  If you have a problem please let us know.  Also remember you may order via phone or by check through the mail.

One last thing - For some reason, clicking the view cart buttons seem to add an extra of whatever you are next to when you click it.  You can easily update the cart on the cart's page - just make certain all your totals are correct before checking out.  We hope to figure that one out but so far it eludes us.

8/24/05 - Wow - even though we were closed we got a substantial number of orders from people all too willing to wait for us.  Thank you folks so much!  We are trying to get back on top of things and it may take a short time - but for now, in stock items are taking a few days.  Thanks again for your business!

7/29/05 - We will be closed from August 1 - August 22 - No shipments, no custom jobs, no e-mail, no phone!  NO VACATION either! :-(     We are out due to business - and unfortunately will be unable to conduct any business - but when we get back we will answer all e-mails and orders in the order they come in as quickly as possible.   If you want to order something off the site - keep in mind orders will be filled in the order they arrive - see our order information page for details on that.  Again, our apologies at being unavailable, but I'm a real person creating works by hand.  There is only one of me and I'll do what I can!  Thanks for understanding.

7/5/05 - Our fourth page of Hand Carved Wood Santas is now on-line.  As mentioned before - this is the first time we've ever offered this many Santa carvings on the website.  Each one is hand carved, painted, antiqued, signed and numbered.  You order the actual Santa pictured - an original wood carving.

Please note that we will be closing shop from July 9 - 18 - and will not be shipping or even answering e-mail during that time.  On-line orders will take precedence on a first come basis.  We will resume operation as early on the 18th as possible.

7/2/05 - Our third page of Hand Carved Wooden Santa Folk Art is now on-line.  We will be adding another page soon - making this update the largest collection of Tom's Santas available through our website to date.   We've also added a Christmas Signs page featuring some hand carved wooden signs that will add an extra dimension to your holiday decor!

7/1/05 - We've finally been able to get some new wooden Santa carvings on-line.  The first Santa carving  page features two of Tom's Triple Stack Santa Totem Carvings.  These are usually hard to keep in stock since he often sells them before he even completes them!  More Santa carvings will follow in the next few days, so keep checking back.

Also - we will be closing the website from July 9 - 18.  If you are planning to order - you may want to get orders in before we leave so your items can be shipped, or if custom, can be on the shop schedule.  Since we will be unable to respond to e-mails or update sales on the site - if more than one person orders an item - the first order in will naturally take precedence and receive the item.  Customers who do not get an item have their choice of a refund or having a custom work created. 

7/1/05 - We've been able to update page 2 of our  wood Santa carvings.  We've still got a long way to go - we'll attempt to get more on Saturday, and be finished the Santa Carving update by early next week.  We'll probably have to add another page as well!

6/28/05 - Having finished our last wine show before our vacation, Tom has taken pictures and placed a new order page for his wine cellar signs, which by the way, double as wine cellar art!  This page is up and we will be adding to the content soon.  Also look for our show stock of hand carved Santas to be on line later this week.  Tom plans on carving while we are on the road this summer - so our complete show stock will be here and he will create all new Santa carvings for our fall shows!

6/23/05 - Tom has placed a couple of new carvings on-line.  Good Food, Good Friends, Good Wine is a rustic sign that appears to have been hanging in a winery for centuries!  We'll be at the Pocono's for the Split Rock Wine Festival.  When we get back on Monday, Tom will pull some Santas from our show stock and get the new updates on line.  As the site is becoming more popular, Tom's work load is increasing.  He is only one person and until we can clone him, we appreciate your patience and appreciation for original hand carved work!

6/2/05 - Tom just placed his latest barrel head carving on the website.  If you came in through our Home Page, you saw it right at the top.  Look for his latest sign to be on here soon.

5/27/05 - We've just put some of our hand carved Santas and Angels on hold.  We realize this makes our on-line selection rather slim right now.  Tom is currently working on several commissions and when he finishes them he will focus on these areas.  So please check back in late June for some new carvings!

5/18/05 - We haven't disappeared!  We've been doing shows, working on commissions and wholesale orders.  In fact, we've been getting so many wholesale requests, please, if you are interested in wholesaling our items, read our new wholesale page!  We had a great time at the Montpelier Wine Festival as many people stopped by the booth to watch Tom carve a barrel head.   Wine In The Woods in Columbia, MD. was also a lot of fun - great weather and good music.  (Plus seeing a lot of our old friends.)  Coming Up, Art in the Park!  Tom is staying very busy - and great news is on the way.  I know we keep saying that - but trust us, you won't believe it!

4/17/05 - Another update - two in one day!  Tom's finally added his new Wine Barrel Stave Signs.  Hand carved from the sides of a used oak wine barrel, these uniquely shaped signs will add real ambiance to your home's wine country decor.  Perfect for home or business wine cellars, tasting rooms or bars.

4/17/05 - We've just confirmed Art In The Park held by the Carroll County Arts Council on June 4.  Check our Shows page for details.

4/10/05 - New link partners have been added and we've added the crafts link category - plus fixed a link that was broken.  Please - if you notice any missing pages or problems, let us know.  We want to create a site that is easy to use and fun to look around - so your help is appreciated!   Our Santa updates will be later than expected.  Tom has been carving for upcoming shows and commission clients so his time is quickly disappearing.  We will have some very exciting news coming up soon - so keep checking back!

4/3/05 - We've recently had a problem.  When trying to respond to certain clients, our responses were apparently being trashed by their Spam Blockers.  We tried from two different e-mail addresses and got the same results.  If you do not receive a response from us within 48 hours to acknowledge your e-mail/order and provide an estimated shipping date - please check your spam folder.  If you still have problems, e-mail us a phone number and we will call you!  We value your business.

3/31/05 - Tom has been extremely busy carving, attempting to keep up with website orders, wholesale orders and stocking our booth for upcoming shows.  We've slowly been adding links and have some plans for site updates that will hopefully happen within the next month.  Keep your eyes open for Tom's new barrel signs!

3/18/05 - Our small carved Santas are now on-line!  These small hand carved basswood Santas can be used as decorations, Santa ornaments or turned into wine bottle stoppers!  They are going fast though!  We sold five as soon as the page went up!

3/16/05 - More link partners have been added .  Tom has been busy carving and we will soon be updating our latest project page.  Keep checking back - we'll have some small Santa carvings on the site soon!

3/9/05 - We just updated our Wooden Goblets page and included a new pages of our in-stock and ready to ship wooden captive ring goblets.  Between custom orders and stocking for this year's shows, Tom has been really busy.  He's got some great ideas for some new wine barrel carvings and signs but how soon we'll get to them is anyone's guess.  Keep the man busy!  Place your custom order today - or make an on-line purchase so we can send him to the post office and let him get some fresh air for a change!  To see all of our pages you can visit our site map - and don't forget Site Map 2 - we've grown big enough we've got two pages of links that will take you anywhere on our website!

2/28/05 (pm) - We've also started cleaning up our links pages.  If you have a site that hasn't exchanged links yet and can't find yours on our site - that is because you waited too long to post our return link.  Please E-mail us to get things straightened out.

2/28/05 - More wooden goblets from our stock are on-line.  The second catalog page was actually finished last night - but we didn't get a chance to get all the links on until this morning.  We've got a number of Tom's earlier turnings coming soon.

2/27/05 - We have just started to place our in stock wooden goblets, wood chalices and wood cups on line for immediate purchase.  This will be a major update - so it is taking some time.  We currently have nine pieces on line and more will follow in the next week.  Keep checking back!

2/24/05 - New link partners have been added on an almost daily basis.  Tom has been in the workshop turning wooden goblets - some of which will be posted on the site available for immediate purchase.  We've also been working on some custom orders and creating stock for our upcoming shows this spring.  That and doing taxes.

2/12/05 - It may seem as though we've slowed down - we haven't.  Tom has been busy in the shop and updated photos will be on the web site soon.  We've also been working on adding some quality links to our links page.  Keep checking back!

2/06/05 - We've finally added our Reindeer Whistle on-line.  This cute personalized holiday ornament was created in 2003 for our holiday craft season.  It was moderately received and required us to carry an air compressor and computer so we could engrave the child's name while customer's shopped.  As a result of the additional work, we decided to drop the item from our inventory.  During the fall of 2004 - we were swamped with requests for the whistle!  Why does everyone want what we never have?  As a result, we've now placed the Reindeer Whistle exclusively on-line!

2/05/05 - Busy, busy, busy.  We've just returned from Peaks of Otter Winery in Bedford, VA.  Nancy had ordered a commissioned Barrel Head for her husband Danny and it was finally ready for delivery.  Tom also documented the barrel carving process which is now on-line.  We've broken the process into multiple pages so they would load faster.  The completed barrel carving may be seen here.

1/25/05 - We've added more pages to our Gourmet Wooden Kitchen Utensils Page.  Check out our Wood Salad Hands, Wood Pastry Pins, Wooden Mortar and Pestles, Condiment Spoons and Relish Forks and Wooden Spreaders and Knives pages.  Featuring items in stock and ready to be shipped!

1/24/05 - Another busy time.  In addition to carving like a mad man, Tom has been helping with a major update for our Gourmet Wooden Kitchenware page.  Check out our  Wooden Spoons, Wood Spoons and Wooden Mixing Spoons.  We've also put up a helpful page on Wooden Kitchen Utensils Care.

1/20/05 - Wow, has it really been three days since we updated?  Hmmmm - must be important then!  We've finally gotten permission to show the Wine Barrel Carvings at Sebastiani!  Tom is thrilled as he loves Earle Brown's work.  Check out Master Wine Barrel Carver - A Tribute To Earle Brown.  The page also contains links to Earle's work on:  Full Wine Barrel Carvings, Quarter Carved Barrel Heads, Half Barrel Carvings, Wine Cask Carvings, and Hand Carved Doors, Beams and Wine Art all by the late Earle Brown!

1/17/05 - Today we added an artist statement and a link to Tom's  latest project.    Tonight we've added a new section for our Hand Carved Signs.  Check out: Why a Hand Carved Sign, Hand Carved Signs Commission Page and Hand Carved Signs Layout Page.  We've also added some new link partners.  Tom has been very busy on projects - he is currently carving a barrel head for a client and we have been photographing the stages to put in a new section being designed to show the process.  Keep checking back!

1/15/05 - Did you notice when you hit our Home Page (unless you are new here yourself...) We changed it again.  I took off the extra graphics to get you in a bit faster.  We originally wanted to show a sampling of Tom's work in each area - but realized that just slowed things down.  Plans are in the works to get all the pages, with perhaps the exception of the galleries, moving a bit faster.  We've also added a Link To Us Page so if you really want to - you can link to us!

1/14/05 - Today we added some new shows to our schedule.  More will be on-line as soon as contracts are signed.  We've also added some new links to sites you may enjoy - AFTER you are finished browsing here of course!    :-).

1/12/05 - We've just added a page featuring a photo of a very interesting wine cask carving at the Schug Carneros Estate Winery in Sonoma, Ca.  The photo was sent to us courtesy of Tim & Barbara Rogers.   We've also added a wine theme art page - which gives some excellent ideas on decorating with custom hand carved wine art!

1/10/05 - While technically Wednesday when this was uploaded - most of the work was finished Tuesday before midnight - so I'm calling it the 10th!  Tonight we added a new Buena Vista Carved Wine Cask page, updated our Site Map and added some additional links to our links pages.  Now I'm going to go get some sleep!

1/9/05 - We have been going through and trying to optimize more pages.  Updates were made to the Christmas Key page, our Cooperage page which describes how a wine barrel is made, our wooden goblets page and our handcrafted magic page.   The biggest addition today was the Hart Winery Barrel Carvings page, which includes photos of all four barrel carvings by deceased artist Tom Freestone.  We also added some new links on 1/8/05 which I forgot to add here.  Sites are starting to find us and request links.  We do intend to keep all links relevant to our site and hand crafted/carved items.

1/7/05 -  The home page had a few changes as I realized Domain Direct had uploaded an html page that was keeping my optimized page from showing!  I've also updated my Wine Bottle Stopper page and my Santa Carvings pages. 

1/05/05 - Today we've made some additional changes.  I've added both a Decor Links page and a Renaissance/SCA link page.  Our signs and carvings are often used for decor so we thought these links would definitely be of interest to visitors.  Our goblets and wooden utensils are often used by re-enactors, thus the renaissance/SCA links.  If you have any comments on our site, please let us know so we can continue to grow and improve.  Thanks!

1/03/05 - Happy New Year!  Hope everybody had a safe one.  Today we added an original barrel carving  page which highlights some of the original old world hand carved wine casks and barrels.  We did some minor adjustments on our barrel carving gallery pages and have added some new links to our Christmas links page.  I plan on organizing all of my links and checking the partner sites to make certain our links and exchange links are good.  Tom will be in the workshop today as orders are starting to back up!

12/30/04 - The  Barrel Carving Gallery is finished (until we add new work).  After the first of the year we plan on adding links to barrel carving pictures we've found scattered across the Internet - some of which are pretty obscure.  Our office will be closed until Monday Jan. 3.  Have a happy and safe New Years.

12/29/04 - We've started our new Barrel Carving Gallery and changed photos in our hand carved folk art gallery.  Tom's also got some great new ideas for the site that probably won't be started until early January.  Crafty Owl on-line will be seeing a lot of activity over the next few months, so keep checking back!

12/28/04 - We have added a Wine Barrel Carving Commission Page and some additional photos throughout the site.  New links have been added and stay tuned for a new Barrel Carving gallery.

12/27/04 - The index page is now (we hope) finished.  It has been optimized to load faster .  We have also added a site map and are in the process of reworking our picture galleries.  Our new Wood Signs Gallery is open.  We expect to add some great content over the next few weeks, including links to wineries we have worked with, some tasting notes and a page that follows the process of a wine barrel carving .  If you can think of anything useful you'd like us to add, just e-mail and we will consider your request!

12/26/04 - Today we've updated the index page again in an attempt to tighten up the website.  If you notice anything strange or something that doesn't link - please let us know!  We are also working on a wine arts link that will showcase some wine country style decor ideas.

12/25/04 - Merry Christmas!  Today we celebrated - and I also spent time playing around with attempting to optimize this website.  A few changes were made to our Home page and a new link was added on our Christmas links page.  Happy Holidays!

12/22/04 - We've been updating and adding links almost everyday - just haven't kept up on this page.  Check out some of our new link partners!  I think we are linking with some great sites.  BTW - if you discover any bad links, let me know as quickly as possible.  Thanks!

12/17/04 - A new barrel head has been finished for a private collector.  Look for the Carousel Winery carved wine barrel head along with a detail of the Carousel horse carving in our Gallery.

12/16/04 - New links have been added!

12/15/04 - Added a What's New Page!  Also added a page discussing the making of a wine barrel that features links to cooperages.  We are also working on our link pages, which have been separated to areas of interest for easier viewing. 

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