Carved Wooden Spoons in the primitive style by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Primitive Wooden Spoons
Hand Carved Wooden Spoons - Functional Folk Art

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What makes these Wooden Spoons Primitive?

Unlike modern spoons, these wooden spoons offer a more traditional, almost tear drop shaped spoon bowl.  They remind me of the old wooden spoons I'd see in the kitchens when touring a historical home.  Back then, the spoons were hand carved and shaped.  They were more concerned with function than looks, and often the spoons were carved by people for their own use. 

Are they safe to use in the kitchen?  

Certainly.  Primitive simply describes the appearance.  We finish these wooden spoons just as we finish our others.  You'll also get care instructions to help you maintain their beauty for the life of the spoon.

Hand Carved by Tom Crowl

The wooden spoons pictured below are in stock and ready for shipment.  You are purchasing the actual spoon pictured. 

Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl


Primitive Wooden Spoon #520 - Dark Walnut
About 12.25" in length, this is the traditional primitive wooden spoon look.  A nice elongated tear drop shaped bowl with a comfortable handle that takes an interesting angle in a nice dark walnut wood.  Pretty, simple and extremely useful, this spoon will give your kitchen and your cooking an old world elegance!

Walnut Primitive Wood Spoon #520 - $29.95   SOLD

Primitive Wooden Spoon #521 - Rich Cherry
About 14" in length, this oddly shaped  primitive wooden spoon has a nice elongated bowl that slopes into the rich red brown cherry handle.   The striking grain runs along the handle, with hints of black throughout the wood.  This piece of cherry has already mellowed with age, and while a new spoon, it gives the feeling that it has been a treasured utensil passed down through the generations - which I hope it will become!  Guaranteed to draw attention with the unique look - your friends will wonder where you got that "cool old spoon!"

Rich Cherry Primitive Wood Spoon #521 - $32.95   SOLD

Primitive Wooden Spoon #522 - Dark Walnut
With a slightly more pronounced tear drop bowl, this is  primitive wooden spoon is a joy to hold and use!  The handle features a comfortable grip that sweeps into the nicely hollowed and shaped bowl.  Simple, useful and elegant!   Carved from rich, dark walnut,  this spoon is approximately 12.25" in length.

Walnut Primitive Wood Spoon #522 - $29.95  SOLD

Primitive Wooden Spoon #510 - Cherry Wood
Another classic  primitive wooden spoon in a very pretty piece of cherry wood.  The handle features an accent area that allows you to get a good grip in your hand for stirring thicker batters or even mashed potatoes.   An obviously hand shaped bowl adds to the primitive feel of this spoon.   Modeled by memory from a spoon standing in a jar from the kitchen of a colonial era house tour.  Hand carved from solid Pennsylvania Cherry,  this spoon is approximately 113/8" in length.

Primitive Wooden Spoon - Cherry #510 - $28.95   - Sold

Primitive Wooden Spoon #515 - Old Walnut Wood
A simple, classic  primitive wooden spoon hand carved from old growth walnut lumber.  The hand shaped bowl gives the impression that this spoon dates back to the 1800's - but Tom actually carved it in 2004.  If you have a primitive or old world kitchen, this spoon will not only lend an air of authenticity but be a useful tool that you will use!  Primitive Wooden Spoon #515 is solid walnut and approximately 117/8" in length.

Primitive Wooden Spoon - Walnut #515 - $28.95  SOLD


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How to care for your wooden kitchen utensils, wood spoons and wood bowls.

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