Hand Carved Folk Art by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

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Celtic Obsessions

Celtic, Irish & Pagan Cross Stitch Patterns. Coat of Arms and made to order patterns. Hand designed and made in Ireland. Free postage to anywhere in the world.

Swords and Pixies

Merlins Realm

Magic wands, amulets, pyramids, pendants, sacred geometry, information on mythical creatures, dragons, pixies, elves, sprites and more. Also information on healing with crystals, stones, colors & animals. Retail and wholesale, colorado scenery, quotes and other ramblings of a wizard.

The Spicebox Troll

Fine Spices and Herbs, Essential Oils, Bridal Needs, Handmade Jewelry, Incense and Gifts

Swords and Armor

Medieval armor and weaponry replicas. Offerings include suits of armor, medieval swords, Scottish Claymores, Renaissance weaponry, chain mail, wearable armor. We also have a vast selection Japanese Katanas, medieval helmets and wearable SCA armour items. Fast shipping - Reliable , Secure Servers.

House Of Anoria

Medieval Clothing - Performing Arts Dress - Historic Reenactment - Movie Costume Replica - Halloween Costumes - Costume/Craft/Tailor Supplies & Resources

Ren Friends

A wealth of information & a place of fun. Search through a web collection of Merchants, Performers, Faire Goers, Festivals, How To's & Unique Links. You'll find: Just for kids, Other How-to's, Learn the Lingo, History & Education, Groups & Asscociations, Learn to Dance, Food & Drynke, & Wedding info!

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As each work is a one of a kind, naturally we can not show every item on this website.  If you saw us at a show and would like to inquire about a specific piece - or you have a question regarding a custom commission, please:
e-mail us

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