Hand Carved Artwork by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wholesale Information

At this time we are not offering carving services for wholesale products.

Credit: Yeah, Right.  We require full payment on wholesale orders before any work is started.  We do not extend credit until we have built a firm relationship - so several orders down the road when a client has been paying promptly, we may consider extending some credit.  Be aware we are not the bank - we are the artists known as starving. 

Discounts: My Work Is Not Mass Produced.  My works are hand crafted and carved right here in the USA.  Please do not expect import pricing because you will be disappointed.   Discounts will vary depending upon the item and quantity.  There is no magical formula.  Some items will provide a larger discount than others, but many, due to the time involved in creating them, will provide a smaller margin.  Naturally you are not bound by our retail pricing.

 Turn Around: Please assume 12 weeks from order placement until shipment.  If possible, we will attempt to beat that turn around.  Wholesale orders allow us a much smaller profit margin and as a result must take a back seat to retail commissions.  We want to produce a quality work for you and if we must burn the midnight oils to get the product out sooner, that can not be accomplished.  When placing your order, please inquire as to our projected shop schedule.


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