Wizard Wands by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.


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Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl

It is time to select the wand of your wizard's dreams.

All of our wands are unique turnings and will vary slightly in size, style and look. Naturally, wood grain plays a part in the look and feel of a wizard wand. Our woods are selected to yield the most beautiful grain available from our suppliers. We also have our test "swisher" check all wands before they leave our workshop. This insures you get a quality product that your wizard will be proud to call their own.

Every wand comes wrapped in tissue in its own wand box complete with a parchment scroll of magic tricks, a parchment wood description and care instructions.

Personalization is currently FREE - but you must request it at the time of order via the PayPal message to seller. Be certain to include accurate spelling, we will not be held responsible for typos. For multiple wands of different woods, include "wood - name". Thank you!


The color of Walnut varies from the sapwood which is light tan to the rich purple-brown of the heartwood. Naturally, the age and strength of the heartwood makes it a perfect material for the construction of wizard wands. Our Black Walnut is harvested in Pennsylvania and dried in Maryland before the wands are brought forth from the timber in our workshop. In wizardry, Walnut is often used for its mental powers; thus, a wizard using a wand of solid Walnut will find themselves becoming very attuned to their surroundings. This ability provides an edge against danger and is surprisingly useful when dueling. The Walnut wizard wand is approximately 12" in length and balanced for wizards who like to spin their wand when casting a spell. It has a hand rubbed oil finish giving it a soft glow and silky feel.

Walnut Wizard Wand - $24.95  


Cherry wood varies from the sapwood which is light cream to the richness of the heartwood. The heartwood colors can range from a reddish brown to deep red with brown flakes. It has a hard, straight grain and is a wood valued for prized possessions - making it a perfect for a wizard wand. Our Cherry lumber is harvested in Pennsylvania and dried in Maryland before being placed on the wand lathe. In wizardry, Cherry is known for its adaptability. Cherry of one sort or another grows on every continent. It’s sweet fruit provides nourishment and sustains life. A wizard using a wand of solid cherry will find themselves thinking quickly on their feet . Cherry wielding wizards often find themselves at the head of the class. Naturally this wood looks best with a hand rubbed oil finish which is how we treat Cherry Wizard Wands. Cherry wands are approximately 12" in length.

Cherry Wizard Wand - $24.95  


Red Oak is a coarse, straight grained wood. The color can range from light cream or pinkish red to dark tan or golden brown. A tree as long lived and as strong as the Oak offers protection, and so wands fashioned from Oak play an important part in a wizard's life. The grandeur and strength of the wood make it a wonderful everyday wand, yet regal enough for special occasions. In wizardry, Oak is a powerful magical wood. It adds potency to all charms. It protects against illness and pain, providing the bearer with longevity, and preserved youthfulness. An Oak wand is said to protect its bearer from all harm. Oak wands feature a hand-rubbed oil finish, making them feel comfortable in the user's hand. Red Oak is definitely tough enough for the most active of wizards. Our Red Oak Wizard Wands are approx. 12.5" long

Oak Wizard Wand - $24.95  


If you are looking for a special wand for an adult, or a very special child wizard - this is the wand you want. Bloodwood is also known as Cardinal Wood. It is a medium to hard wood with red to crimson color and a tight straight grain. Our Bloodwood wands are a striking red with some lovely black grain highlights and about 11.25" in length. With the oil finish, they feel soft, rich and are a pleasure to hold in the hand. These make an excellent ceremonial or display wand, however they feel so nice you'll probably end up using it constantly. Bloodwood is from South America and is known for its power over love and friendship. If you are looking for something that will stand out in the crowd - order Bloodwood!

Bloodwood Wizard Wand - $34.95   Currently unavailable



Canarywood is usually a deep yellow wood with little variation. When our wand maker saw this piece, he knew it was destiny. The wood features a multi-color grain with hints of red, pink, brown and even purple in some areas. This wand is perfect for Summoning Charms! The Canarywood Wand is by far one of our most striking wands and will make you a talked about sorcerer!

Canarywood Wizard Wand - $34.95  

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