Wooden knives and spreaders by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wooden Spreaders and Knives
Gourmet Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Tom hand crafts his wooden spreaders and knives - there are no mass production machines, each one takes time.  He uses scraps of lumber from his other projects to fashion these useful kitchen and serving tools.  These little utensils are very popular at the art & craft shows, so when creating the web site, he naturally included them.  Unfortunately, they were a little too popular.

Soon, orders were coming in left & right from clients all over the world.  Some would order one, most would order many!  When crafted from scrap lumber in his spare time, it was something fun to do.  When crafting hundreds from fine lumber, it quickly became tedious, costly and time consuming.  For that reason, you can no longer order Mini Spreaders, Large Spreaders or Wooden Knives from the web site.  You are welcome to

e-mail us

 to see what he has available, or get placed on a waiting list - but these are no longer considered a stock item.  Sorry!

Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl

Small wooden spreaders used for jams, jellies,cheese,etc.Small Spreaders

These small spreaders (approximately 3.5" to 4.5" in length) are beautiful accents to the buffet table.  Just the right size for adding a bit of spread, cream cheese, butter, jam or jelly to crackers, breads and chips.  Hand carved from maple, cherry and walnut these small spreaders are as attractive as they are useful.


Small Maple Spreader - $3.95

Small Cherry Spreader - $3.95

Small Walnut Spreader - $3.95  

Large Wooden Spreaders for jams, jellies and butter.Large Wooden Spreaders

Our comfortable 7" (approx.) long paddle spreader s feature gorgeous grain and are wonderful tools for buttering or spreading jams on bread.  Because they are hand crafted - no two are the same, and we guarantee you will enjoy using this one of a kind work of kitchen art!

Our Large Wooden Spreaders are hand carved from solid cherry and curly maple wood. 

Large Maple Spreader - $6.95  

Large Cherry Spreader - $6.95  



Curly Maple Wooden Knives

Wooden Knives

We had a client who wanted a more knife shaped spreader, so Tom developed these wooden knives.  With rounded tips and gradual tapers, they are not sharp, but do provide a very comfortable grip and a large surface area for spreading.  Between 8.5" and 9" in length - we have four gorgeous curly maple knives in stock for the website.  If you are interested - act fast!

Curly Maple Wooden Knife - $9.95  


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