Wooden spoons hand carved Maple wood spoons by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wooden Spoons - Hand Carved Maple Wood Spoons

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Hand Carved by Tom Crowl

The wooden spoons pictured below are in stock and ready for shipment.  You are purchasing the actual spoon pictured.

Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl

Wooden Spoon #350 - Birdseye Maple Wood with Shaped Handle.
A 12" hand carved spoon made of beautiful Hard Birdseye Maple!  Dotted with birdseye throughout, these accents create highlights among the gorgeous grain.  The bowl has a heavy weight making it great for mixing batter.  The picture doesn't do this spoon justice - you've got to hold it in your hand to admire the beauty!  The bowl is approximately 4" x 2 .25".  This spoon was carved out of 5/4 stock.     A nice thick spoon with some heft that feels great in your hand.   So gorgeous you won't want to use it - but please do!  

Birdseye Maple Spoon #350 - $46.95  Sold

Wooden Spoon #351 - Curly Maple Wood Spoon.
Gorgeous  ripples of grain play across the across the handle and accent the bowl adding to the beauty of this truly unique piece of Mother Nature's work.   The picture is darker than the actual spoon, which is a beautiful blonde/tan coloring.  Nice and long it's approximately 13.5" in length, the spoon's bowl is about 3.75" x 2 .5" and nicely hollowed.  This is carved from 5/4" stock.   This is a spoon you will want to display when it is not being used, truly beautiful grain.

Curly Maple Wood Spoon #351 - $56.95  Sold

Wooden Spoon #352 - Curly Maple Wood with Shaped Handle.
A very soft curl runs through the spoon and the tan grain offers interesting accents throughout the piece.  A great feeling handle and a solid spoon bowl that is so pretty you hate to use it - but we know you will!   About 14" in length, it is a substantial spoon that should see plenty of use!  Carved from 1" thick stock, the shallow spoon bowl measures 3.75"  long by approx. 2.5" wide.   This spoon is the tool you'll want to use - and when it's clean, you'll want to display it so you can admire its beauty.

Curly Maple Spoon #352 - $54.95   Sold

Wooden Spoon #353 - Birdseye Maple Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from 1.25" thick birdseye maple, this spoon features a nice, heavy bowl that is perfect for mashing potatos or stirring thick dough.  A nice, subtle grain is most prominent in the spoon's bowl as it circles to an off-center ring.  Birdseyes lightly dot the handle and bowl creating an interesting pattern that is pleasing to the eye.  On the back of the spoon, several streaks of darker brown grain run along the bowl creating a wonderful accent.  14" in length, this server is a wonderful piece functional folk art that is as interesting as it is useful!

Wooden Spoon #353 - $58.95   Sold

Wooden Spoon - Birdseye Maple - Hand carved

Wooden Spoon #324 - Birdseye Maple Big Ol' Mixing Spoon
This wooden spoon is currently our longest in Birdseye Maple - a full 14.5" in length.  The 3/4" thick square handle flares at the end and has soft rounded edges allowing for the perfect grip so it truly feels good to the hand.   Created with mixing in mind, the bowl has a nice hollow so it would make an excellent server as well.  With the long handle you could reach clear across the table.  The spoon has a light scattering of birdseye throughout - which accents the beautiful tan grain along the creamy blonde of the wood.  Carved from a piece of 1.25" thick maple, you can feel the chisel gouges as you rub your thumb along smooth bowl - another hand carved piece of functional folk art you will use and admire!

Birdseye Maple Wooden Spoon #324 - $46.95  Sold

Hand carved Vermont Birdseye Maple Spoon

Wooden Spoon #325 - Birdseye Maple Mixing Spoon
12.75" in length, this large wooden spoon is excellent for mixing.  Like all of Tom's hand carved spoons, the handle is nice and thick, the bowl of the spoon is heavy and you can feel the quality of a professional chef utensil.  A band of extremely condensed birdseye runs through the wood offering an interesting piece of Mother Nature for the eye to behold.  This is a spoon you will be proud to show in your kitchen and happy to use when you cook or bake.  The spoon bowl is approximately  3.75" in length and 2 & 3/8" in width - carved from a piece of 1.25" thick Vermont Maple. 

Birdseye Maple Wooden Spoon #325 - $39.95   Sold

Hand carved wooden spoon - extreme birdseye figuring.

Wooden Spoon #326 - Extreme Figure Birdseye Maple Wooden Spoon:
With an overall length of 12.75", extreme amounts of birdseye gives the wood an almost holographic look as it shimmers in light, making this spoon truly gorgeous.  The two toned bowl creates an interesting divide and a black mineral streak appears to wipe it's way across the bowl, and penetrates to just a smudge on the bottom of the bowl.  This does not affect the spoon's usefulness - it's just Mother Nature creating another bit of beauty that Tom was able to include in this carving.  The spoon features a nice strong handle with a thick bowl, perfect as a mixing spoon for heavy batter.  The bowl of the spoon is approximately 2 3/8" wide x 3 3/4" long.  This Extreme Figure Birdseye Maple Spoon was carved from 1 &1/8" thick maple stock. 

Extreme Figure Birdseye Maple Wooden Spoon #326 - $48.95  SOLD

Hand carved wooden spoon

 Slightly Curled Birdseye Maple Spoon # 327

A small but hefty spoon - 12" in length with a bowl approximately 3 & 5/8" long by 2 & 3/8" wide - and carved from a heavy piece of 1.5" thick maple.  The picture doesn't do justice to the dark tan wood with light brown grain flowing through the length of the spoon.  The back is particularly striking and next time we set up for photos - we will include a picture - because it is truly the most spectacular part of the wood!  A slight curl may be seen along the upper edge of the spoon's bowl.   The bowl has a nice hollow and yet still has some weight and thickness so you can tackle the toughest mixing and be certain the spoon will withstand it!  You can't buy spoons like this in any store!

Slightly Curled Birdseye Maple Wooden Spoon #327 - $44.95   Sold


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