Carved Wooden Spoons by Maryland Artist Tom Crowl.

Wooden Spoons
Carved Wooden Spoons are preferred by Professional Chefs


Why do Chefs prefer Wooden Spoons?Wooden Spoons Carved by Crafty Owl

A carved wooden spoon is one of the most useful tools in any kitchen.  They look good, they feel good and they multi-task!  Wooden spoons multi-task?  Yes they do!

Tom's carved wooden spoons feel good in the hand.   Unlike mass-machined wooden spoons,  these spoons are thick and solid.  You can use your wooden spoon for stirring, dipping, dishing or serving.  Some people even use their spoons for breaking apart frozen beef and chicken - they are that solid!

Wood naturally inhibits bacterial growth, so a wooden spoon is not only safe to use but looks great too!  A wooden spoon won't scrape or damage your expensive cookware.  The benefits are numerous and most professional chefs will tell you that a quality wooden spoon is one of the most important tools you can have in the kitchen.   So what are you waiting for?  Order one of Tom's hand carved wooden spoons today!

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Each spoon gets it's start by hand selecting lumber that will provide an attractive grain pattern adding beauty and warmth to the piece.  The spoon's shape is drawn on the board and cut out with a jigsaw.  Using a variety of chisels and wood rasps, the bowl is hollowed out by hand.  Since everyone has a different grip, some spoons are placed on the lathe and the handles are turned freehand.  Other spoons, Tom shapes the handle by hand.  Finally the outside of the bowl is rounded and the entire piece is sanded smooth.  Each spoon is then oiled with food safe mineral oil and pure beeswax to bring out its' beauty!

Zebrawood SpoonZebrawood Exotic Wood Spoon

This multi-hued piece of zebrawood creates a utensil as stunning as it is useful.  The handle has a great contour that feels excellent in the hand.  The dark brown grain flows through the soft brown hue of the wood creating a vibrant look.  The bowl trails off into the lighter tan of the sap wood which makes the grain all the more striking. 

This spoon  is approximately 12.5" long with a bowl roughly 4" x 2.5".  It was carved from 3/4" thick lumber.  You will love this spoon!  Guaranteed!

Zebrawood Exotic Wood Spoon - $44.95   SOLD

Carved Wood Spoon - Canarywood, Exotic wood spoon

Canarywood Spoon

This is a truly beautiful spoon, a soft yellow (the camera flash brightened it a bit in this picture) with gorgeous swirls of red, brown and purple in the grain.  It will be a spoon that you will be proud to display in your kitchen - and you will find it useful as well!

This Canarywood spoon is approximately 12.5" in length, carved from 3/4" thick stock with a bowl about 4" long by 2 3/8th" wide.

Canarywood Spoon - $44.95   SOLD

Cherry Wood Spoons

The spoons pictured below are in stock and ready to be shipped upon receipt of your order. - You are purchasing the actual spoon pictured.  For multiple spoon orders, please e-mail Tom for a custom order delivery date.

Crafty Owl is currently NOT accepting custom orders.  This means NO signs!  If something is available, it has a PayPal button, if it doesn't - sorry.  Orders usually ship within two business days.   If you have questions, please e-mail!  Thank you  - Tom & Dierdre Crowl

Wooden Spoon #156 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Approximately 14.5" in length this old growth cherry features some interesting grain patterns.  A warm red/brown cherry wood, the grain has some darkened highlights that create interest and beauty.  The handle has a great feel,  substantial, but not thick - just nice to hold.   Carved from 1" thick solid cherry, the spoon bowl is slightly irregular which adds to the uniqueness of a truly hand carved spoon.  The bowl measures approx. 4" long by about 2.5" at the widest point.    A hand crafted spoon that you will put to good use!

Cherry Wooden Spoon #156 - $42.95   SOLD

carved wood spoon - cherry wooden spoon hand carved by Crafty Owl

Wooden Spoon #151 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
This spoon was carved from a nice thick piece of 2"  Cherry.  The handle features interesting patches of creme color wood highlighted by flashes of darker brown  grain.  The grain pattern swirls around the inside of the bowl creating a dark contrast to the handle, and the outside of the bowl shows a truly gorgeous ring pattern.    A really pretty piece of wood - thanks Mother Nature!  When you get this spoon in your hands, you'll find it hard not to run your fingers over it to feel every smooth hand carved ripple.  You can't get a spoon like this in a store - that is for sure!  Just over 12.25" in length, the spoon bowl measures approx. 3.75" long by approx.  2.5" at the widest point.   The bowl itself was carved about 2/3rds into the wood, giving this spoon a nice depth with a substantial heft which comes in handy for heavy duty mixing.  You will love working with this one!

Cherry Wood Spoon #151 - $48.95   Sold

Hand carved wood spoon

Wooden Spoon #152 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from 1 & 3/4" thick Pennsylvania cherry wood it features a 9.75" long handle that is easy to hold, solid and feels great in the hand.    The round shaped spoon bowl has a nice hollow.   The grain features some interesting stress patterns, which make you wish the wood could talk.  This piece of cherry was probably the hardest wood Tom has carved this year!  With it's unique, hand shaped bowl, this spoon is both useful and beautiful.  The overall length is about 13.5" and the spoon's bowl measures about 3 & 3/8" by about 3 and 1/8" at the widest point.  

Cherry Wood Spoon #152 - $48.95   SOLD

carved wooden spoon - hand carved cherry wood spoon

Wooden Spoon #153 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from a piece of 2" thick Pennsylvania cherry , this wooden spoon features a gorgeous grain.    The soft brown lines flow through the rich red hued wood, delighting the eye with interest & beauty in this piece of functional folk art!  The bowl is about 3.75" long by just over 2 3/8" wide, carved just over half the depth of the wood to create a nice sized bowl that still provides some serious mixing power.    Unlike those store bought spoons, this one will be around the kitchen forever, a handy tool you will admire and use again and again.  The overall length is approximately 12.25". 

Cherry Wood Spoon #153 - $48.95   SOLD

carved spoon, wood, wooden spoon hand carved from cherry wood.

Wooden Spoon #154 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from a beautifully figured piece of 1& 3/4" thick cherry , this wooden spoon features a nice, slim handle for people who have trouble gripping something thicker.    The handle is strong enough to handle serious mixing though!  The overall length is about 12 & 3/8".   The bowl is about 4" long by just about 2.5" wide and features some amazing grain.   This spoon bowl was hollowed deeper than the ones listed above, so it doesn't have the extra weighted heft for heavy duty mixing - but if you are looking for a lighter weight spoon, this is perfect!  In fact, this one was Tom's favorite from the recent batch!    A very nice piece you will be proud to display and use!

Cherry Wood Spoon #154 - $48.95   SOLD

Wooden Spoon - Cherry spoon, hand carved

Wooden Spoon #145 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
The heartwood is a beautiful orange-ish red with soft brown grain that swirls through the wood.  Carved from a piece of 3/4" cherry , this wooden spoon features an interesting bevel on the spoon bowl , which sweeps down from the handle making the rear of the bowl shallower than the front.  A splash of black brown grain adds an eye-catching accent to the handle.   The bowl is approximately  3.75" long by just about 2 3/8" wide.  Overall length is approximately 12.5".  With a nice comfortable handle this is a great mixing spoon!   Like we said before - you can't buy this kind of spoon in any store - you have to go to the craftsman. 

Cherry Wood Spoon #145 - $29.95  SOLD

Cherry wood spoon - hand carved wooden spoons by Crafty Owl

Wooden Spoon #146 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from a piece of 7/8" thick cherry , this wooden spoon has a nice size bowl!   The red-orange wood has light brown highlights of warm swirling grain which wash around the bowl before it sweeps upward into a ripple that leads down the handle.  It would be an ideal serving spoon.  The bowl is just over 3 5/8" long by just about 2 5/8" wide.  Overall length is approximately 12 3/8".

Cherry Wood Spoon #146 - $29.95   Sold

Wooden Spoon by Crafty Owl

Wooden Spoon #133 - Cherry Wood with Shaped Handle.
Carved from a piece of 1.5" thick old growth cherry , this wooden spoon features a dominant  grain that rolls down the handle before spilling into the bowl.  The dark red on the old growth cherry makes this spoon look as though it has been used in kitchens forever - yet the spoon was just completed in the fall of 2006.    A dark brown-black streak cuts into the bowl providing a feeling of motion that the eye wants to follow.

    The overall length of this spoon is approximately 13.75".  The bowl is just over 4" long by just about 3.25" wide.    Spoon #133 has a great handle that feels perfect on a spoon of this size and weight!

Cherry Wooden Spoon #133 - $48.95   Sold


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